Stay Crafty! Part 2: Evaluating Sources

28 February 2024

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In Part One of this series, we learned the basics of crafting research. In Part Two, we dive a little deeper, into finding and evaluating sources.

When people post questions in crafting forums, no matter the topic, the most frequent reply points the questioner to a YouTube link. While many people find YouTube videos helpful, this approach typically does not provide the breadth or depth that many other resources can provide, and not everyone learns well from videos (some people learn better with still photos and diagrams). Add to this the fact that anyone can start a YouTube channel and that there is no guarantee that someone who sounds like an expert is actually an expert, and you can see why this resource is best considered one of many options rather than the single, ideal source.

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About Jessie McKitrick

Jessie lives in Edmonton in Treaty 6 Territory, where she writes patterns for hand-knitters who can’t resist the lure of texture, cables, and colour in their next sweater, hat, or mitten project. She began to crochet and knit after becoming a mother, teaching herself from library books, and soon found herself designing projects. Feeling a strong need for a job that included creativity, Jessie would go on to submit patterns to various publications who supported and published her work, including Knit Now Magazine, Knit Picks, and Interweave Knits. Collaborations with Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts eventually led to working with the company in the capacity of Design Coordinator. When she’s not working, Jessie practices karate, draws, dabbles in other fibre crafts including spinning, sewing, embroidery and weaving, and enjoys playing board games with her family.

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