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Reach an audience of passionate fibre and textile makers who are eager to support Canadian businesses.

Digits & Threads publishes new content about three times per month, exclusively focused on Canadian fibre and textile arts, crafts and industry. The majority of Digits & Threads readers are located in Canada.

Contact Publisher Kim Werker any time with questions about how we can work together.

Digits & Threads features three advertising zones in our online magazine. Canadian businesses serving the fibre and textile arts and crafts community are welcome to advertise with us.

Ads are reserved to run for one calendar month. If space is available mid-month, fees may be prorated based on a 30-day month, if desired.

We offer a 10% discount when more than one ad location is purchased at the same time.

Spots may be applied for at any time, and will be scheduled as space allows, to begin on the first day of the requested month if space is available; we will get in touch about alternatives if space is not available.

When your application is approved and we have agreed on timing, we will invoice you for payment.

At the end of each month, we will publish a blog post thanking that month’s sponsors, which will also go out in our email newsletter. As well, advertisers will be provided with a login to a dashboard where you can see metrics on your ads’ performance. Please note that tracking such metrics is extremely inexact, especially as platforms and plugins make it easy for people block tracking. We’re grateful this kind of privacy tech exists, to be perfectly honest. We do not believe that individuals should sacrifice their privacy so others can make money.

Which is why we focus on smart advertising. Smart advertising involves a great match between advertiser and audience, and it’s done in a way that respects and values the experiences of all involved. At Digits & Threads, we serve a readership of passionate Canadian crafters, artists and makers. We accept advertising exclusively from Canadian businesses that serve the fibre and/or textile market. It’s a perfect match.

Ads on Digits & Threads appear alongside, above or below content on our site, so readers are not interrupted. Nobody enjoys being interrupted by ads, and given how relevant ads are to our readers’ interests, we are confident they will look at them deliberately without the ads having to jump up and down for their attention.

Ad Sizes and File Specs

Display sizes for each of our three ad regions are listed below. Submitted image files should be a minimum of twice the display size to ensure the ads display clearly.

We do not offer ad design services. However, if the ad image you submit needs work to display effectively, we offer the option of reworking the image for a fee of $50 (subject to change).

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Prices listed are in CAD (taxes will be calculated at time of invoicing). Each ad zone on our site features two or three ad spaces. Prices listed are for a single ad, which will be placed into rotation in one space of the ad zone requested. See table below for more details:

Image description: Screenshot of the bottom of a Digits & Threads web page, including "related posts" section, advertising, and footer.

Screenshot showing the sitewide footer advertising area. Probably a better view to simply scroll down this page!

Table of Contents

Price: $35

Display size: 320 x 50px

Submit: JPG or PNG at least 640 x 100px

One ad out of a max of 5 displays on every page load in one of two spots on Table of Contents.

Editorial Sidebar

Price: $60

Display size: 300 x 100px

Submit: JPG or PNG at least 600 x 200px

One ad out of a max of 5 displays on every page load in one of two spots in the sidebar on all editorial pages.

Sitewide Footer

Price: $150

Display size: 300 x 250px

Submit: JPG or PNG at least 600 x 500px

One ad out of a max of 3 displays on every page load in one of three spots above the footer of every page.

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