Why I Value Making Clothes for Kids

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Essays

Many knitters say, “Why knit for kids? They grow so fast and they don’t value our time!”

My kid leans in for a hug and I take a quick eyeball measurement of his torso against the pullover I’m knitting. “Should I make another stripe here?” I ask the “stripe kid,” who insists all sweaters look like rugby shirts: they must have stripes. He shops with me for the perfect yarn colours, discusses every aspect of lice stitch in the middle of a stripe versus the “plain” look. Despite his involvement when I knit him sweaters, I can never predict which ones will end up being loved and worn frequently.

At about this moment, my other twin will swoop in to claim the sweater. Both brothers will literally cry and brawl over who gets one of Mommy’s creations. They deeply value wool for warmth. My kids can identify which yarns are Manitoban and from which farm, which ones I spun, and which skeins are from farther afield. They’re both fledgling, occasional knitters, both invested personally in every stitch I make.


image description: a child in a handknit sweater and hat, standing in a joyful position, arm in the air, smile on their face

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All images by Joanne Seiff.