Where Does Silk Come From? Adventures of a Sericulturist

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Art & Craft, Essays

The Cowichan Valley, where I live, is known for its diverse agricultural practices and is the perfect place to pursue my passion. Not only is the climate suitable for growing mulberry trees, it is also home to members of the wild giant silk moth family, Saturniidae. What better place to pursue my sericulture practice? Sericulture, the production of silk, is a process whereby an animal (silkworm) serves to convert vegetation (mulberry leaves) into protein. In many parts of the world, the production of silk is an important agricultural endeavour, and the cultivation of vegetation to feed silkworms remains an important commercial process.
image descriptions: many silk cocoons, tumbling out of a basket

Coleen’s Bombyx mori cocoon crop from 2020.

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All images courtesy Coleen Nimitz.

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