“Welcome” Embroidery Pattern [Download]

10 March 2021
By Laurie Dolhan
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Designer Laurie Dolhan has volunteered for several years with an organization that helps women and children experiencing homelessness. “It is an honour to be invited to share, and a privilege to be able to contribute,” she writes in the essay she wrote to accompany this design.

Inspired by a project one of her students made, the pattern involves the simplest stitches combining to convey a most powerful sentiment: welcome.

In a year that has prevented all of us from welcoming others into our homes—a year that has been all the more challenging for those who do not have a home—a quiet meditation on welcoming feels most appropriate.


Materials Needed

  • Light-coloured cotton fabric
  • 15 cm (6 inch) bamboo embroidery hoop
  • Black embroidery floss (shown here: DMC in colour 310 black)
  • Embroidery needle size 3 or 5
  • Scissors
Image description: Embroidery project in a hoop, photographed at an angle. The embroidery is in black thread and says "welcome."

About Laurie Dolhan

Laurie is the artist behind the Hook, Line & Tinker craft studio in Ketch Harbour, Nova Scotia. "As part of my journey to date, I have been a Jersey Girl, a Yukon Sourdough, and now I'm what some Nova Scotians refer to as a CFA (come-from-away). Like my favourite things, I have been lost, found, and creatively reworked. Throughout my life, I have always been making something or other. Craft has given me joy, comfort, and taught me patience too."

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