Tiny Tapestries: Tips, Tricks and Colourwork

11 March 2022
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This installment of my Weaving a Tiny Tapestry tutorials is a series of incredibly helpful tapestry tips. And while they appear magical, they’re actually very straightforward. Here I will teach you how to:

  • set up and use “meet and separate” to blend colours on the loom,
  • make the smoothest possible diagonal line, and
  • smooth the horizontal line in the transition between two stacked colourways.

Be sure to study the previous installments in my Tiny Tapestry series in order to understand the concepts and terminology in this article: An Introduction to Tapestry Weaving: Vocabulary and Best Practices; and Tutorial: How to Weave a Tiny Tapestry.

In the examples shown in this installment, I am weaving at 6 ends-per-inch (EPI) with worsted weight yarn, Everlea Worsted. I am weaving on an Everlea Mini Loom. These looms are handmade by me here on the Sunshine Coast in BC and were designed in collaboration with my maternal grandfather Floriano Tomasi, a retired cabinet maker. They’re for sale in my online shop individually or as part of a weaving kit.

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About Janna Maria Vallee

Janna Maria Vallee is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily within the media of botanical dyeing and tapestry weaving. In 2008 Janna attended Capilano University’s Textile Art diploma program and in 2013 graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University’s Fibres and Material Practices program (Montreal, Quebec.) In 2016 Janna returned with her family to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia and in 2018, as her son entered kindergarten, launched Everlea Yarn, a specialty shop offering naturally dyed yarns for knitting and weaving, tapestry weaving supplies and knitting kits.

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