The Willow Cardigan: Kate’s Version

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Art & Craft, Kate's Column

I’m a knitter. I mean, of course I am, you know that. I teach knitting. I write books about knitting. I edit other designers’ knitting books and patterns.

But I do also do other crafts. What’s the old saying about not being able to live on meat alone? I enjoy craft as a hobby to relax from my not-just-a-hobby-anymore craft. Most often, if I’m not knitting I’m either doing cross stitch or crochet. My crochet skills have never been strong, and it’s actually a big relief. I do an excellent granny square; I have a leftover sock-yarn granny square blanket on the chair in my drafty office, and one of my favourite shawls is a half-granny triangle in Noro yarn. But I’ve never gone beyond that, and that’s okay. For me, crochet provides the ultimate in meditative projects: no need to fuss with a pattern or notes, no need to count, barely any need to keep track. And I’ve never really liked much else in the way of crochet—nothing’s really grabbed my attention enough to push me beyond that comfort zone.

Until this year. We published a pattern for a crochet garment, and I fell in love with it. Stephanie Erin’s Willow Cardigan is a wonderful piece, a very wearable everyday style—I mean: pockets!—with the lace motif in the back adding a lovely bit of flair. I just had to make one.

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Photo credits Norman Wilner or Kate Atherley.