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“We deserve to be seen for who we are” – Why Inclusive Design Is So Important

[Open Access] Gender-inclusive designs are not sacks or formless garments. They are meant to be gender inclusive, the same way a designer would design body-inclusive garments. As writer Zoe Desborough concludes, “They mean to provide us safety and comfort, without owing anything to anyone, without compromising ourselves for the comfort of others who can’t understand. They are meant to make us feel like our bodies are worth being seen for what they are: accepted and celebrated.” A must-read essay on the impact of inclusive garment design, what to look for, and how to find it.

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Inclusive Sizing Is Not Impossible—We Just Have to Work Together

“Inclusive design” in clothing is a catch-all term that evokes a utopian dream where anyone and everyone has clothing that fits, is affordable, and functions well for their needs and abilities. It is not the world we live in now, where our choices are dictated by a system that has been geared to serve tall, thin, cisgender, and able bodies. But what if there were a way we could achieve inclusive design, at least in the craft industry that generates the patterns we use to make DIY garments? What if we, as makers and as designers, worked in partnership towards that utopian goal?

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