Storytelling through Fibre: The Art of Trish Baer

15 November 2023
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I spoke with Victoria-based fibre artist Trish Baer over Zoom on a perfect Vancouver Island summer morning. Even though she is mostly retired from her position at the University of Victoria, the professor is never far from teaching; with a wry smile, she tells me she had prepared a PowerPoint presentation with images of her work to share with me. Trish has an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in English and History in Art. Her dissertation, “An Old Norse Image Hoard: From the Analog Past to the Digital Present,” unites the established field of Old Norse Studies and the emerging field of Digital Humanities, and was nominated for a Governor General’s Gold Academic Medal.

Trish’s heritage is Icelandic. Her family came to Canada in 1904 and her ties to the culture are evident in her personal and professional life. At sixteen years old, she spent a year living with her uncle and his family in Iceland. Learning her school lessons in a different language was a challenge, so she took up crochet to help her concentrate. Over the years, she has expanded her creative exploration of crafts to include beading, quilting, needlepoint and more.

Images courtesy Trish Baer.

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About Kim Fenton

Kim is a freelance writer and editor who lives on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. She has a love of all things fibre and had, for a time, a wonderful store filled with sustainable yarns and fibres. She is an avid knitter and spinner, and has a whole lotta making going on in her studio, including beading, boro stitching, miniature making and mixed medial collage. There's also a big old oak desk her great-grandfather made where she works on her manuscript. She's active in her community, volunteering with the Sunshine Coast Spinners and Weavers Guild, the food bank and more. She loves to swim and goes year round into the ocean with a group of likeminded women. She's got an ebike and can be seen cruising around the creek. She's delighted be able to embrace her first love, writing, with her second love, fibre, and contribute to Digits and Threads!

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