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18 August 2021

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UPDATE: This promotion has ended. We hope you enjoyed!


Today we published the third and final installment in Holli Yeoh’s series of sock-mending tutorials, and we’re so excited we decided to offer the series as a bonus to Armchair Members! Usually, our patterns and tutorials are exclusive to Studio Members, so this is a rare opportunity for Armchair Members to enjoy some making with us in addition to lots of reading.

Holli’s three tutorials—on Swiss darning, stocking darning, and Scottish darning—provide mending options for a variety of common types of wear our socks endure, whether the socks are commercially or hand-made. They’re the kind of tutorials you want to keep nearby to refer to over and over as the seasons and socks wear on.

Join as an Armchair Member by August 26, 2021, to get the link to add the three bonus tutorials to your membership! Simply join or upgrade to Armchair Membership, and you’ll get the bonus link on the confirmation page.

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