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20 October 2021

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Digits & Threads launched on October 28, 2020, with an editorial mandate to publish articles, tutorials and craft patterns related to Canadian fibre and textile arts, crafts and industry, about three times per month. The magazine is member-supported—read about why we have members instead of subscribers—and one of our core values as a company is transparency. It’s very important to us that we let our members know the impact of their membership.

So we are pleased to invite you to read our 2020-2021 Membership Report. You can download a PDF copy of the report, or read through it on this page (click the images to see them larger).

Image description: Cover page of Digits & Threads 2020-2021 Membership Report, including a large photo of a white sheep looking at the camera.
Image description: Page 1 of membership report, including 3 photos of fibre projects, and 6 statistics.

The Year in Numbers

148 Founding members made our launch possible, providing our first year’s editorial budget.

320 Total paid members approaching our one-year anniversary.

13 Community Zoom sessions hosted, including Studio Hours and craft-alongs.

38 Canadian contributors fairly paid for their work.

91 Pieces published, including articles, essays, profiles, virtual tours, tutorials and craft patterns.

$16k Over $16,000 paid to writers, designers, instructors, guest speakers, and contract editors.

May of 2020 was, for us and possibly for you, too, the most stressful May of our lives. And yet, in the wake of our careers being thrown into disarray, amid the fear and uncertainty of the global pandemic, May of 2020 was when we began to talk about a desire we shared to create a fully Canadian fibre- and textile-focused publishing company.

As we approach our first anniversary, we want to share what you have made possible through your membership, and we want to look ahead to what we will be able to create together into the future.

Thank you for making this magazine possible. Thank you for helping to support the makers and writers whose work enriches our community. Thank you.

– Kim Werker & Kate Atherley, Co-Founders

Image description: Page 3 of membership report, including a bold heading that says, "Independent, member-supported."
Image description: Page 4 of membership report, including a grid of 9 photos of fibre and textile projects.

“Digits & Threads are creating an open window to the world of Canadian fibre arts. What I love most is their spectrum of stories from farm to final product. Each peek into the lives of those who tend the animals, run wool shops, to designers, dyers, and artisans who create inspiration brings us a better understanding of how we are interconnected. This perspective of Canadian fibre production is greatly needed as the world turns to a more sustainable future.” – Amy, Contributor

Image description: Page 6 of membership report, featuring a full-page photo of goldenrod flowers, and large text reading, "Values-driven."


We are committed to and guided by a commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, diversity, environmental sustainability, and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. We believe in fostering sustainable business practices; nurturing strong relationships with our members, readers and community; and practicing radical transparency.

“Great content at my fingertips, an inclusive company, and monthly Studio Hours to connect with my fellow crafters and learn great new stuff? What’s not to like?” – Kathleen, Member

Image description: Page 8 of membership report, featuring a large heading that says, "Canadian. Exclusively."

Canadian. Exclusively.

Sharing tales; exploring the industry; highlighting artists, makers and businesses—all Canadian, from a Canadian perspective.

How Far We’ve Come…

Numbers don’t capture the relationships we’ve formed, the insights we have gained into the crafts we love, the values that have driven our coverage of sustainability, accessibility, inclusivity and diversity in Canadian fibre and textile art, craft and industry.

… And Where We’re Going

We have so many articles, tutorials, and patterns in the works already—some on techniques or topics we haven’t covered yet, some diving deeper into ones we have.

“I learn something new in every edition. Having written for Digits & Threads, I get to experience their professionalism, support, and kindness” – Sandra, Member & Contributor

Image description: Page 9 of membership report, with sections called, "How far we've come," and "... and where we're going."
Image description: Back cover of membership report, featuring a long quote and contact information.

“As a Canadian fibre artist, I have always been aware of the wealth, depth, and range of textile-related talent we have in this country. Digits & Threads is the first magazine that enthusiastically and inclusively immerses us in the fibre-arts culture of our country, from traditional to contemporary, from the origin of the fibres themselves to finished works that are a feast for the eyes and the heart.” – Kim McBrien Evans, Contributor

Digits & Threads Is a Member-Supported Independent Online Magazine

The articles, tutorials and patterns we publish about Canadian fibre and textile arts, crafts and industry are made possible by our members.

Digits & Threads Is a Member-Supported Independent Online Magazine

The articles, tutorials and patterns we publish about Canadian fibre and textile arts, crafts and industry are made possible by our members.

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