[Photo Gallery] The Making of Alisa McRonald’s Tapestry, “Pierrot”

4 August 2021

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Artist Alisa McRonald shares photos from the creation of her “Pierrot” tapestry weaving, from initial sketch to completed piece.

image description: a rough watercolour sketch of the Pierrot character

Like many other artists, I use a sketchbook to plan. This is the original sketch in watercolour for Pierrot.

image description: a large paper sketch hanging on a homemade wall loom, the artist's feet in the front of the frame
My tapestry loom is very DIY. Once I sketch my piece on paper, I hang it behind the loom to use as a pattern/cartoon. This is a shot of me lying on the ground, for perspective on how large the piece is.
image description: the weaving, partially competed

Here is the piece warped, and I’ve started weaving. Once I decide on a colour scheme, I gather cotton T-shirts and make yarn out of them. My goal is to reuse/reclaim as much material as possible in all my work.

image description: a partially completed weaving project, mounted on the wall
Getting to different sections and colours keeps me motivated to keep going.
image description: a close up of the artist's hands, weaving.

Here is a close-up of my hands at work. I use two strands of T-shirt yarn held together; I like the variation of colour and texture.

image description: the artist in her studio standing on a ladder in front of a partially completed weaving project

As this loom is attached to the wall, I have to grow with the piece and end up working on a ladder for several hours. It’s kind of fun seeing my studio from a different perspective.

image description: the completed weaving in the background, in the foreground, a hand holding a pair of scissors

 Pierrot” is complete, and now it’s time to cut the piece down and finish it.

image description: the completed weaving, on the floor, with loose ends and untidy edges

I have released the piece from the loom and here it is laid out on the floor ready to finish. I tie all the warp threads and weave them into the back of the piece. I then back the piece with a large piece of fabric. 

image description: the completed Pierrot weaving project, hanging on a wall

Ta-da! Here it is, finished and hanging.

All images credt Alisa McRonald.

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