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28 February 2022

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Late last week, we pushed out a new design of our website. It’s not a major redesign; you won’t need to rediscover how to navigate the site. But the new design has enabled two major new features we’re really excited about:

First, you are now able to bookmark editorial pieces for future reading or revisiting. Just below the title of any piece (like this blog post you’re reading), you’ll see a button that says “Bookmark this.” Just click it, and it’s done. You need to be logged in to use this feature, at any level of membership including Free. Find a list of all the pieces you’ve bookmarked on your member dashboard (it’s the page you see when you’re logged in and go to the homepage; to remove the bookmark once you’re done, simply click that button again.

We hope this helps you keep up with all the content we publish, saving pieces to read when you have time, or keeping note of pieces you want to revisit.

Which brings us to the second new feature: Advertising.

We know, we know. Advertising is rarely considered a feature; usually it’s something to endure.

But not here at Digits & Threads! Here, we are committed to building a strong and healthy fibre and textile arts and crafts community in Canada, and we know how much we makers love to discover new shops and businesses that serve our deepest interests. And as a small craft business, we know how important it is to reach exactly the people our business serves.

We piloted taking advertising when we worked on the Holiday Shopping Guide last fall. We learned a lot from that experience, including that there is demand from fibre/textile businesses to place ads, and that readers like discovering Canadian businesses that serve our craft community.

Because we are committed to our magazine being designed first and foremost for our readers, we needed to redesign our editorial pages to accommodate advertising that would appear in a sidebar, and not in the middle of articles and tutorials

You’ll now see ads in three locations on our site: in those editorial sidebars, just above the footer of every page on the site (scroll down to see!), and in the middle of the Table of Contents

We will only accept advertising from relevant Canadian businesses. We hope you love seeing them and that you discover some new, wonderful businesses that serve your needs as a fibre/textile maker.

And if you are interested in advertising, all the info is here!

Featured image by Markus Winkler on Unsplash.

Image description: White Digits & Threads ampersand logo.

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