New Great Logo, Same Great Magazine

12 March 2021
By Kim Werker
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As you may know, we launched Digits & Threads in the fall of 2020 with a very small budget and almost no editorial content. We didn’t know if our plan for this magazine would seem super to anyone but us, and we put all of our energy into commissioning our first articles and patterns and into connecting with folks we hoped would become our readers.

Throughout our planning process, I chatted with my friend Lauren about the businesses we were working on (Lauren’s is an online embroidery shop!).

Lauren lives in Chicago, and we met when we were assigned to share a room at Craftcation conference many years ago, where we were both instructors. We were fast friends, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. At some point in the early days of the pandemic, we started having video calls once or twice a month.

Lauren has a background in graphic design, which I know nothing about, and I have worked in marketing, which is a hole in her skillset. So we helped each other out: I helped her with some social media and email-marketing strategy and she helped us with our branding.

Which is why there’s a bit of a different look around here today: Lauren designed us a stunning new logo, complete with our very own, unique ampersand (do you see the “d” and the “t” in there 😍?).

Image description: Digits & Threads logo image, navy

We feel so happy every time we look at this, as if our magazine finally can settle into its skin.

Look for the new logo here and on our social media, and while we’re doing our best to replace it in all the nooks and crannies a logo goes, please be patient with us if we miss a few. Let us know, though, please, and we’ll get right on it. Yay!

About Kim Werker

Kim Werker (she/her) is a co-founder and publisher at Digits & Threads and Nine Ten Publications. She has worked in the crafts industry in one way or another since 2004 as an editor, writer, instructor and speaker. She's authored six books about crochet and one about making ugly things on purpose as a creativity exercise. Kim lives in Vancouver, BC, with her husband and son, and their mutt who's named after a tree.

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