NEW! 7-Day Free Trial & Monthly Armchair Memberships

by | Oct 12, 2021 | News & Updates

Image description: Organic shapes in blues and ochre around the border with the words "Introducing 7-Day Free Trial & Monthly Armchair Membership."

We’re very excited to introduce a couple of (awesome) changes to new Armchair Memberships. These aren’t changes to the memberships themselves, which is why they only apply to new members, so no worries long-time Armchair Members!

First, we’re now offering a 7-day free trial for all new (first-time) Armchair Members. This will give you a chance to really get a taste of the articles we only publish for paid members, without obligation; you can cancel any time.

Second, you can now select between monthly and annual Armchair Memberships. Monthly memberships are $7.50 and renew each month; annual memberships are $70 and renew each year (each includes a 7-day free trial).

We received many requests for a monthly membership option to make Digits & Threads accessible to those with limited income and for folks who aren’t ready to commit to a long-term membership.

There is no difference between monthly and annual memberships other than the priceā€”in both cases, you gain access to new articles published during your membership, and to our entire archive of articles.

(It’s the archive factor that led us to limit the monthly option to Armchair Memberships. Craft patterns and tutorials are a perk of Studio Membership, but we simply couldn’t sustain our business if we introduced the option to join for one month and download the full archive of those. We are however, working on some ways to make a selection of patterns and/or tutorials available outside of full Studio Membership. Stay tuned for more on that over the next few months.)