Menu Tweaks and Announcing Common Threads

10 February 2021
By Kim Werker
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Welcome to our new section, where we’ll occasionally provide updates about our publication, features, website, and more.

I’ve got two quick things for you today:

First, you’ll notice some changes to the menus/navigation at this week. The “login” link is now at the very top-right of the page (or, if you’re on mobile, it’s in the hamburger menu [the “hamburger” is the stack of three lines you tap to display the menu; looks like a 🍔!]).

You’ll also see some dynamic menu items. For example, when you’re logged in, the link next to the “log out” button in the top-right will use your name instead of just generically displaying “My Account.” I hope this makes you smile as much as it makes me smile. I know, it’s not a fancy thing, and many websites greet you by name. I’m just terribly excited that now D&T greets you by name, too.

Our main menu navigation is also now updated. When you’re logged in as a free member, you’ll no longer see a link to join, but rather to upgrade your membership. How silly to ask you to join when you’re already a member! Also, we do so hope you’ll join us as an Armchair or Studio member, not only because you’ll have so much more to read and make when you do, but also because our publication is entirely supported by our members and you’ll be directly helping us to make it. 🙏

Image description: Navy and ochre image with text: "Announcing 'Common Threads.' Sharing fibre and textile projects from across Canada."

Finally, we’ll be introducing a new occasional feature here in the magazine, which will be kind of like those pages at the front of a print magazine that compile blurbs about cool things going on.

Our online magazine version of this will be called “Common Threads,” and in this feature we’ll post short blurbs about public art initiatives, individual and group craft or art projects, upcoming events, etc. We would love to hear about things happening all over Canada, in large cities and small towns and everywhere in between. And we are excited to feature projects made from our patterns or inspired by our articles.

Please submit your project or event – large or small – to be featured in Common Threads! Here’s the direct link to the submission form, and here’s more information about the feature.

We’re looking forward to getting some more behind-the-scenes work done this week, as we also work to prepare next week’s features.

P.S. Have you noticed that we publish on Wednesdays? Be sure to subscribe to our emails to see what’s new each week. 👇👇👇

About Kim Werker

Kim Werker (she/her) is a co-founder and publisher at Digits & Threads and Nine Ten Publications. She has worked in the crafts industry in one way or another since 2004 as an editor, writer, instructor and speaker. She's authored six books about crochet and one about making ugly things on purpose as a creativity exercise. Kim lives in Vancouver, BC, with her husband and son, and their mutt who's named after a tree.

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