Frequently Asked Questions

How is a member different from a subscriber?

You’re right to ask—it’s a subtle difference. Digits & Threads members pay annually to access most of the content we publish, pretty much like a subscription to an online magazine. The difference is that we consider our members to be partners whose membership enables us to create the best possible online magazine and to pay our contributors fairly.

In the traditional magazine business, subscribers and newsstand readers are treated like widgets that are counted up so the tally can be used to sell advertising. Sure, a magazine might be made to cater to those subscribers so they keep putting their eyeballs on the publication, but the thing that drives the publishers of the magazine is advertising relationships and advertising revenue.

Our magazine is supported exclusively by our members. That means it’s in our best interest to make the best magazine for you, a magazine that serves your desire for great information and patterns about crafts you love. You drive us to do our best possible work. Thank you for the push, and we hope you enjoy the result!

Why do I need to sign up for free content?

Although we occasionally publish pieces that are available to the public, most of our content is for our members. Some will always be available to our Free Members, and most will require a paid membership. Free memberships enable you to get a feel for what Digits & Threads is, and we hope that if you enjoy it, you will choose to become a paid member both to access more of the content you enjoy, and to support the creation and maintenance of this publication. Paid memberships are the foundation of our business—they enable us to pay the contributors whose work forms the fabric of this publication, and to cover all of the other costs of running an online magazine.

What are the membership offerings?

We have two paid memberships: Armchair and Studio. Armchair Members have access to all articles, features and posts. Studio Members have access to all articles, feature and posts, plus all the craft patterns we publish, and are invited to take part in monthly virtual Studio Hours.

How frequently do new issues come out?

Ah, yes. We don’t publish in issues. There’s really no need to online, since we have no constraints like page counts or page space or adhering to retail buying schedules.

Generally speaking, we publish two kinds of things: individual articles or posts, and clusters. Clusters are a small collection of related pieces—think of a print magazine article that has a sidebar. Except unlike in a print magazine, our clusters consist of complementary media in addition to complementary information. Like a feature profile of a textile artist, complemented by a gallery of images of their work, with the option to listen to part of the interview that informed the profile. We’ll publish all of those pieces at once, in a cluster.

We publish features and clusters about three times a month.

Why are prices listed in CAD?

Prices are listed in Canadian dollars because our company and contributors are based in Canada.

Roughly speaking, as of the spring of 2021, $1 CAD is equivalent to about $0.79 US dollars or $0.67 Euros. Relative currency value fluctuates, sometimes rapidly. Use a currency converter for more accurate conversions on any given day.

We welcome readers from all over the world to enjoy learning about the state of fibre and textiles and what’s being made in Canada.

Can I pay monthly?

No, not at this time.

Why do I need to be a member to submit an event to the Community Calendar?

Our Community Calendar is a central location for individuals, groups, shops and organizations to post upcoming Canadian fibre and textile events. You need to be a member to submit listings because our software enables you to manage your listing after it’s submitted, so that if anything changes in advance of the event, you can update the listed information. For that to work, you need an account. Membership is free, and of course we encourage you to upgrade to a paid membership if you enjoy the magazine.

I need to download my purchased e-book again. How do I do that?

When you’re logged in, you will see a section near the top of the member home page containing a link to download the e-book you’ve purchased. Just be sure you’re logged in.

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