Me Made May: An Unintended Outfit

10 May 2023

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For Me Made May, we asked Digits & Threads readers and contributors to tell us about clothes they have made and how they wear them. See all our Me Made May posts here. Get involved by posting on Instagram, using the hastag #memademay2023, and tag us @digitsandthreads.
Cameron Button Up And Free Range Slacks

I was unexpectedly delighted when I paired these me-mades together! On top is the unisex #CameronButtonUp shirt by Helen’s Closet that has a dartless, boxy fit that I adore. It is one of the most complicated garments I’ve sewn but made much easier thanks to the incredible instructions that accompany the pattern. The fabric is Aero Linen, which is a finely woven linen that is stiff when you first purchase it and softens over time. The amazing thing about Aero Linen is that it presses well, which is great for button-ups because it makes it easy to get nice, crisp edges on details like the button plackets and collar tips. The shirt is a size 22 with triangular gussets added at each side to address drag lines from the bust to the hip. I have since modified the pattern by grading out two sizes at the hips.

The pants are #FreeRangeSlacks by Sew House Seven (curvy fit) also in linen (can you tell I love linen?). This is the first and only pants pattern I have sewn. I’m sure I will sew up different patterns in the future, but I will admit that fitting pants is not my strongest skill (nor do I find it particularly interesting) so, for now, I am sticking with making versions of the same pattern. For modifications, I shortened the rise in the front and lengthened the rise in the back, based on deciphering the meaning of different wrinkles in a wearable muslin I previously made. I also changed the seam allowance from 1.6 cm (⅝ inch) to 1.3 cm (½ inch) to create a bit more room. I still need to make some more changes to get the perfect fit. Next up is to try a full thigh adjustment to address the feeling that the pants tend to move towards the front when I walk. The pants are the tapered leg version in a size 22.

Photo by Rebecca Godderis.

Copyright © Rebecca Godderis except as indicated.
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About Rebecca Godderis

Rebecca Godderis (she/her) is a bi/queer feminist sewist and academic. She was taught to sew at a young age by her mom, and then took a long break to focus on her academic career studying gender, health, social justice and community building. She rediscovered her love of sewing in her 30s when she began making her own clothes that were full of colour and actually fit her body! As she continues to embrace the joy of sewing, she is expanding her making beyond garments to include quilting and other textile art and needlework. You can find her on Instagram @im_in_my_studio.

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