Making the Ontario Shirt: A Local Project from Fleece to Finished

8 December 2021
By Leanne Prain
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Inspired by the textiles of Ontario’s past, a locally sourced shirt models a sustainable future.

“We often think about the source of our food and water, but we rarely think about where our clothing comes from,” explains James Craig. “I met someone at a conference who had a sustainably made tweed suit, and I thought, ‘That gentlemen looks like a billion dollars.’ What would my version of that suit be?”

As a farmer with a passion for regenerative agriculture, James was struck by the idea of commissioning his own sustainable garment. “I’m not a tweed suit kind of guy, but I kept thinking I like flannel shirts. My shirt would be local, very local.”

image description: a full length photograph of a man wearing a blue and white checked flannel shirt

James Craig in his Ontario Shirt. Photo courtesy of James Craig.

About Leanne Prain

Leanne Prain is the author of Strange Material: Storytelling Through Textiles; Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti co-authored with Mandy Moore; and Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery. Her fourth book, on the theme of creative troublemaking, will be published by Arsenal Pulp Press in Spring 2022.

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