Make Good Crochet Choices

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Art & Craft, Kim's Column

Crochet is so different from knitting, but the decisions involved in making a stellar crochet garment are exactly the same: Choose the right yarn for your project, in a good stitch pattern for what you want, and use the right tool to achieve a fabric that serves the purpose you want it to serve and that’s enjoyable to wear.

These considerations may land in different places for crochet than for knitting, though. Crochet stitches are bulkier than knit stitches. Stockinette stitch, for example, involves stitches that loop in a manner that aligns them side by side, in two dimensions. Any basic crochet stitch exists in three dimensions, by comparison—making the stitches involves wrapping the yarn all the way around itself, creating thickness that is unavoidable (not in a bad way; it’s just different from knitting).

So overall, an ideal sweater yarn for crochet will be lighter weight than an ideal yarn to create a similar sweater in knitting. Also, because crochet is 3-D, it requires about 33% more yarn to make a project to the same dimensions as a knitted version. Using a lighter-weight yarn helps to avoid making a heavy garment.

And because crochet stitches can feel bulky, it is almost always a solid recommendation to use a larger hook than you would knitting needles with the same yarn. Using a larger hook gives the yarn room to breathe as it’s wrapped around itself, which improves the drape of the fabric and how it feels when worn.

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Featured photo credit Kim Werker.