Introducing the Community Calendar of Fibre & Textile Events in Canada

6 March 2021
By Kim
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When we were preparing our features on Twist fibre fesival and its founder, Amélie Blanchard, we decided at the last minute that it would be neat to create a list of upcoming events—virtual ones, obviously. We didn’t have much time to scour the internet for listings, but we pulled together what we could, and included a request to let us know about other events to add.

We’re still too new and relatively unknown to have been immediately inundated by requests to add more events, but we did get encouragement enough to push up our plan to create a full Community Calendar here on our website.

As of the time of writing, there are no events in the calendar, but I’m hoping you’ll help to change that! Because one of the many cool things about creating a proper calendar is that all of our members are now welcome—encouraged!—to submit events for inclusion.

Image Description: Screen shot from Digits & Threads website featuring the logo and main navigation menu, plus three weeks of a monthly community calendar.

Another cool feature of having a full calendar is that you can search for events by keyword, location, or anything else. As well, event organizers who submit listings can edit them as needed, whenever they want, making it easier to manage listings both for those doing the listing and for us.

Note that because we’re still a two-person show around here, we’ll be reviewing event submissions about once a week. Be sure to put your submissions in well in advance of your event, because we can’t guarantee that an event happening within days of submission will be listed before it starts.

Any sort of Canadian fibre- or textile-focused event may be listed in the Community Calendar, and we expect all listings to be for virtual events for at least the next few months. Appropriate events to submit include:

  • Image description: Organic shapes in shades of blue and ochre, with writing: Introducing the Community CalendarFibre festivals
  • Workshops (if there are multiple sessions of a workshop, please list only the first instance)
  • Symposiums
  • Trunk shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Speakers and panel discussions

The Community Calendar is a resource for our whole community of Canadian fibre and textile enthusiasts. All events must be held in (or, if virtual, hosted by folks located in) Canada.

To submit an event, please log in then go here, or click the submissions link at the top of the calendar. If you are not yet a member of Digits & Threads, you may join for free or as a supporting member here.

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