How To Substitute Yarns in Knitting & Crochet

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Kate's Column

There are many reasons to substitute a yarn when following a knitting, crochet or weaving pattern. Maybe the specified yarn isn’t for sale where you live, or it’s too expensive, or you’re allergic to its fibre content.

Substituting yarn involves more than simply finding a yarn of a similar weight. In this article, I cover many of the things you should consider, and why. I also provide some advice to designers and publishers to help them ensure that crafters can easily use yarns they love to make their patterns.

Featured photo credit Les Triconautes on Unsplash.
Kate Atherley
Kate Atherley

Kate Atherley (she/her) is a co-founder, editor and publisher at Digits & Threads and Nine Ten Publications. She has worked in the crafts industry in one way or another since 2002 as a designer, editor, writer, and instructor. She’s authored eight books about knitting, from a next-steps guide for newbie knitters to the industry’s only guide to professional knitting pattern writing. Kate lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her husband.