How to Knit Your Grafts: Ribbing Patterns

12 April 2023

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In this article we go beyond a simple stockinette stitch graft and learn how to graft in ribbing patterns. And all the while, we’ll continue to work these grafts with knitting movements and tools rather than sewing.

    See part one of this series here.

    Fig64 Arrows

    A completely seamless join on K2, P2 ribbing. The arrows indicate the direction in which the fabrics were worked. This joins the top edge of one piece of fabric to the bottom edge of another.

    All photos by Kathleen Sperling.

    Copyright © Kathleen Sperling except as indicated.
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    Kathleen learned to knit over forty years ago, and has been designing knitting patterns for over a decade, appearing in a variety of both physical and virtual publications. Consequently, there are a fair few techniques, tips, ideas, and opinions swirling around in her brain about knitting, and she loves sharing these with others, to enable them to expand their own knitting repertoires. By day, she's a business analyst for her employer's website content management system, where she's spent the past several years increasing her knowledge about accessibility on the web.

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