2021 Holiday Shopping Guide: Ad Purchase Page

In lieu of holiday promotions of Digits & Threads, we are preparing our first annual Holiday Shopping Guide, filled with our readers’ favourite shops, businesses, galleries and museums related to their love of fibre and textile arts and crafts.

The Guide will be distributed for free, as a PDF with clickable links throughout. It will be promoted far beyond our Members and general readership, and we will welcome and encourage you to promote the download page through your channels, as well.

We are offering 1/8-page ads to be grouped at the end of the Shopping Guide, eight to a page, for $40 CAD per ad. Each ad will be clickable, and we encourage advertisers to take advantage of the opportunity to reach an enthusiastic audience that’s passionate about fibre/textile art and craft by linking directly to a special promotion, by including a coupon code, or by otherwise including a clear call to action.

Ads will be laid out as in blank image included here, with white space between the ads (not shown in the quickly made grid).

Ad image files must be PNG or JPG, with dimensions of 600 x 422 px (or larger at the same ratio) or 3.375″ W x 2.375″ H, with 1/4″ bleed (8.6 cm W x 6 cm H with 1/2 cm bleed). Full-colour is welcome.

To purchase an ad, please fill out the following form by Friday, November 5, 2021.

Note: Due to the nature of this product—a PDF—we will be unable to track ad performance. We encourage you to use a unique landing page on your website so you can track how much traffic your ad generates, or to use a coupon code so you can track how many times it is used.

Image description: Sample 1/8-page ad including dimensions and bleed.

Sample ad, including dimensions and bleed.

Image description: 1 page divided into 8 sections, 4 on the left and 4 on the right.

Rough layout of an ad page. There will be white space between ads.

Ad Purchase Form