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Photo Gallery: Security Blanket Exhibition at Craft Ontario

From artist Jennifer Smith-Windsor: Security Blanket explores two notions of security. First, the security of the home—represented by antique, handmade domestic textiles such as doilies and lace. And second, the security of the state—represented by eight government-issue military blankets from Australia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland and the United States. View a photo gallery of her textile-art pieces.

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Community Hub for a Solitary Pursuit: Running a Yarn Store in a Pandemic

“Holding up okay and doing well are rather different,” writes Yarns Untangled owner Amelia Lyon. “The truth is that lockdowns for this small business are a bit of a mixed bag. It is a boon that we are in the internet age and we can reach our customers through the wonders of online shopping, social media, and direct email campaigns. It was enlightening to discover just how much could be accomplished with a smart phone and an internet connection.”

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Can’t See Toronto for the Trees

If a tree falls in the city, does anybody hear it? Quite possibly not… because in between the forests of towers and skyscrapers there are real forests of trees so dense, they create silent oases that make you forget you’re still in the city at all.

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