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Ontario Satellite Reef Project Raises Awareness of Climate Change Impact

The visiting exhibition of the Core Collection of the crocheted Coral Reef Project is accompanied by local crocheters creating their own hyperbolic planes to form so-called Satellite Reefs. The #OntarioSatelliteReef project began in 2021 and will remain on display at the Ontario Science Centre well into 2022. Click to read more about it.

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The Great Canadian Targhee Project, Part One: Sheep-in-the-Garage Season

“Sorry, I’m behind. I’ve got sheep in the garage.” That’s a message writer and wool expert Catherine Knutsson got this past winter from Troy, a sheep farmer in Saskatchewan. It was -51 C at the time, and they were working out how to get a Targhee fleece from his farm to a mill in the Interior of B.C., and eventually to Catherine’s studio on Vancouver Island. This is the first entry in an eye-opening and entertaining four-part series detailing the journey of the wool, from sheep to yarn, from Saskatchewan to the Pacific coast.

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How to Mend Socks, Part Two: Stocking Darning

Socks (store-bought or handmade) that have holes or frayed areas can be mended using the stocking darning technique. It’s a weaving technique in which you first create the warp (the vertical strands) and then weave over and under the warp threads to create the weft (the horizontal strands). This kind of mend is not at all stretchy, but it sure looks lovely. Enjoy this second tutorial in Holli Yeoh’s three-part series on how to mend socks!

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Two Unique Canadian Shops Where Reuse Is an Everyday Value

If you’re trying to craft sustainably, there are so many factors to consider, it can become overwhelming. Joanne Seiff highlights two Canadian organizations that sell fabric, yarn or other materials that had already been purchased, used in one way or another, and then discarded. Creative reuse centres provide another way for us to craft sustainability as eco-friendly makers.

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