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Tapestry Artist Alisa McRonald and Her 2020 Search for Black T-Shirts

Textile artist Alisa McRonald spent much of the fall and winter of 2020 searching in vain for black T-shirts. She was working on a weaving called “Pierrot,” the last in her “My Little Arcana” series of tapestries, and finding the materials she needed was proving to be a struggle. Kate Atherley chatted with the artist about her work, and about the unexpected challenges the pandemic had created for her.

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Interview with Jenn Ashton, Author of “People Like Frank and Other Stories From the Edge of Normal”

When D&T publisher Kim Werker received a copy of Jenn Ashton’s knitting-focused short story, “Nest,” an excerpt from which we’ve just published, she read it straight away. When she reached the end of the story, she burst into tears and laughter at the same time. Then she begged the author for a Zoom interview, and was thrilled when she agreed. WATCH by clicking through. [Transcript included

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Kelsey Redman’s “FEED Manifesto” Informs her Fibre and Textile Art

As a student at Haliburton School of Art and Design, Kelsey Redman astonished her instructors by taking every single visual art and design diploma and certificate that the college had to offer. She turns everyday practical items like quilts, blankets, and pants into art pieces that explore the themes of longevity, sustainability, and emotional connection. Victoria Bingham interviewed the artist about her work.

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