Category: Indigenous Art and Craft

First Nations and Inuit creators have been making fibre and textile works since long before settlers came to this land. Here we feature works by contemporary Indigenous fibre, textile and bead artists, and explorations of opportunities to respectfully learn.

We at Digits & Threads intend for this area of our magazine to continually grow, and we encourage Indigenous artists and writers to contact us about your work or with feature proposals.

Beaded Hawaiian Medallion, designed and created by Malinda Gray as a gift from Trent University to Manulani Meyer.

I Must Share My Gift for It to Grow

“As an Anishinaabe Ojibway kwe (woman) I have been taught that we need to live by sharing our gifts,” writes Malinda Gray. “My gift is beading, and I practice the Anishinaabe philosophy of Mino-Biimaadiziwin, or living the good life. In line with this life philosophy I must share my gift for it to grow.”

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Me, Dan Levy, and the Mighty Bead

“I knew enough about Canada’s history to know that the story is almost always told from the perspective of what we in the writing world refer to as an unreliable narrator—a very white, very colonial narrator.” When Dan Levy invited his Instagram followers to take the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada course, our writer eagerly signed up.

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