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Kim Werker is co-founder and co-publisher here at Digits & Threads. In her column, she writes about her explorations of natural pigments dyeing, local fibre economies, and more.

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The Sheer Joy of Installing a Little Free Fibre Library

D&T publisher Kim Werker installed a Little Free Fibre Library on her front lawn, and revels in the joy it’s bringing not only to her, but to the neighbours who built it, and especially to those who visit it. Amid the stress and loneliness of the ongoing pandemic, having an opportunity to connect with other makers, right in the neighbourhood, feels like the biggest gift of all.

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On a Weaving Mission

[For all readers] In her summer column, D&T publisher, Kim Werker, writes about learning how to weave a tallit, the traditional Jewish prayer shawl. She’s using a rigid heddle loom and working her way through several projects as she learns more about the dimensions, fibre composition, and fabric weight she wants to achieve. Read about her adventure and see some projects she’s been weaving!

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Make Good Crochet Choices

[Open Access] Crochet is so different from knitting, but the decisions involved in making a stellar crochet garment are exactly the same: Choose the right yarn for your project, in a good stitch pattern for what you want, and use the right tool to achieve a fabric that serves the purpose you want it to serve and that’s enjoyable to wear. In her first column in ages, Digits & Threads publisher Kim Werker talks through what may just be the crochet sweater design she’s been looking for her whole life.

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Make Hay While the Sun Shines

In this first column of many, I tell the tale of how this fantasy led to a wholly unexpected reality. It’s the tale of a surprise hay farm, a flirtation with flax growing, and a promise of many adventures in natural dyeing, foraging, and learning.

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