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New Representative Sizing Standards for Garments that Fit

[For all readers] Faced with garment sizing standards that don’t accommodate many body types and proportions, Kim McBrien Evans set out to create a new set of standards, drawing on a variety of sources and her own expertise. Here, she explains the methodology she employed to build a new and more inclusive set of standard body measurements for garment sizing, and her new chart is available for free download.

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The Wool Plan Aims to Reinvigorate the Canadian Wool Industry

The Canadian wool industry declined after World War II from a sustainable national textile industry to a cheap commodities pipeline for the export of 90% of our wool. Learn about the Canadian Campaign for Wool’s five-year Wool Plan 2021-2026, a strategic framework for reviving and strengthening the Canadian wool industry. The plan involves rebranding and revaluing Canadian wool, advocating for stakeholders from sheep farmers to Canadian consumers, and increasing awareness of Canadian wool internationally.

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