Category: Accessibility & Inclusion

Ensuring that craft patterns are accessible to crafters of diverse abilities is important not only to individuals but also to ensure our community is inclusive and supportive of all makers.

This is something we are working to improve here at Digits & Threads, and we hope this series on accessibility encourages you to join us.

Image description: Eye chart seen through lenses of glasses; in the lenses the chart is in focus, otherwise it is blurry. Credit David Travis on Unsplash.

Through A Colour-Blind Lens

As a companion to Five Reasons Everyone (and I Mean Everyone) Should Care About Accessibility in Knitting and Beyond, let’s examine what the Internet can be like for people with a specific visual disability. Here, I’ve used the “Colorblinding” extension for my Chrome browser to show me what the Wikipedia main page looks like for people with different kinds of colour blindness.

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Removing Barriers in Written Craft Patterns

Accessibility seeks to provide equally for users experiencing the world in a multitude of ways. In the context of craft patterns, a barrier is anything that prevents a crafter from accessing some or all of the information needed to complete the pattern. Therefore, the key to creating a barrier-free experience for most crafters is to ensure that there is more than one way of accessing every piece of information in a pattern or set of instructions.

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