Crafty Cross-Training: A Knitter & Crocheter Learns to Spin Yarn

12 January 2022
By Jessie McKitrick
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A little over seven years ago, I took up spinning. I had taken up crochet and knitting a few years before that while adjusting to my new role as a mother, and desperately needed something creative to do that was easy to pick up and put down between the baby’s naps. Crochet and knitting had opened up a world I hadn’t considered before, one that had eventually led me to take up work writing knitting patterns. I would not have thought even at that time that I’d ever become so immersed in the world of textiles as to try to learn how to make the yarn itself, but the thing about turning a hobby into a job is that it left me wanting a new hobby.

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How it started/How it’s going. Left: Corriedale, first attempt at spinning, May 2014. Right: Corriedale, June 2019.

About Jessie McKitrick

Jessie lives in Edmonton in Treaty 6 Territory, where she writes patterns for hand-knitters who can’t resist the lure of texture, cables, and colour in their next sweater, hat, or mitten project. She began to crochet and knit after becoming a mother, teaching herself from library books, and soon found herself designing projects. Feeling a strong need for a job that included creativity, Jessie would go on to submit patterns to various publications who supported and published her work, including Knit Now Magazine, Knit Picks, and Interweave Knits. Collaborations with Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts eventually led to working with the company in the capacity of Design Coordinator. When she’s not working, Jessie practices karate, draws, dabbles in other fibre crafts including spinning, sewing, embroidery and weaving, and enjoys playing board games with her family.

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