Common Threads: Volume 15, September 2022

7 September 2022

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Once Labour Day has passed, our minds inevitably turn to thoughts of fall, and Halloween. Looking for costume inspiration? Maritimers might consider two different options for dressing up like the Halifax Citadel Town Clock: sewn or crocheted. Alright, we’re being a little silly, but we  adore seeing how two different artists can be inspired by the same idea, but produce entirely different results.

The maker of the crochet replica, Alexandria Masse, works in yarn and fabric to create “wearable art” inspired both by her family’s culture and insects in her backyard.

The maker of the fabric sculpture version, Colin J Muise, is a photographer and graphic designer who combines the tangible and digital.

The Manitoba Craft Council’s latest exhibition opens this week. “Eco-Craft” is a creative, cross-disciplinary collaboration of artists and scientists striving to address what is arguably the biggest challenge facing our generation: climate change. It runs until October 29, 2022, at the C2 Centre for Craft in Winnipeg. 

At the Craft Ontario Gallery in Toronto, until October 1st, artist Vanessa Yanow is showing their work, Second Life.

“Each piece from the ‘Second Life’ series includes an unfinished antique textile piece made in the 20th century by anonymous women. Considered hobby projects, these artifacts were each abandoned at various stages of completion. I documented each of them before beginning, researched their technique and place in history, and then transformed them into completed sculptures using elements of glass, textiles and mixed media.”

Craft Ontario has announced their latest free online workshop: Learn How to Fund your Craft and Design Projects, Wednesday September 14th, 5:00-6:15pm Eastern Time. The session is all about the OAC’s Craft Project grant program, which supports craft-based practices through grants to Ontario-based artists, curators, ad hoc groups/collectives and organizations.

Latest entries in a loose but continuing series of Cool Canadian Artists and Makers You Should Follow On Instagram:

Everett Wong: A multi-talented multi-disciplinary artist working in knitting, crochet, weaving, painting and drawing.

Jeff Churchill/Jitterbugboy: A shoemaker working in film and television.

Alexandria Masse: Of the crochet clock mentioned above.

Colin J Muise: Of the sculpted clock mentioned above.

Upper Canada Weaving: Specializing in locally sourced fibre and 19th century reproduction textiles.

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