Circular by Design: Slow Fashion by Anne Mulaire

21 February 2024
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Anne Mulaire, owner of the Anne Mulaire Indigenous fashion brand based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is part of an innovative and robust movement of clothiers. This young Anishinaabe/French Métis designer is meeting the challenges of climate change head on. She’s not a scientist, or a biologist, or a political activist; her passion and her actions spring from wisdom and values passed down through seven generations of her family. 

Anne is one busy woman; I caught her as she was between a planning meeting for the spring line and a marketing strategy session. She is brimming with energy and excitement as she talks about the history of her business and where she aspires to position herself in the coming years.

Her website,, showcases tasteful clothing and accessories in a wide range of sizes. Many of the pieces celebrate her Métis heritage, showing images her artist father produces. Her boutique, located near to the banks of the Red River which meanders through this creative and artistic city, is also her manufacturing location and is bustling with eight or so production assistants. Read more here about her father and other Indigenous designers who contribute to the brand.

Her website is more than just a shopping catalogue—it is chock full of all kinds of information about her beliefs and values when it comes to clothing. I asked her about the passion she has for upcycling and recycling, and the “Reloved” resale market she hosts.

Photos courtesy of Anne Mulaire.

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