Cascading Diamonds Macramé Wall Hanging [Pattern]

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Macrame

Made with thick macramé rope using only two knots, Cascading Diamonds is the perfect first large-scale macramé project (and it can be made with yarn instead of rope, so no pressure to purchase special materials if you prefer to use what you have on hand). Its dramatic geometric design makes it fun for experienced knot-makers, too. Step-by-step photo instructions introduce the two knots, and a layout diagram makes it clear how the piece comes together. So grab some rope or yarn, some enormous beads and a dowel, and get knotting!

Finished Size

12 cm/4.5 inches diameter on 14-count Aida cloth.


  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Wooden dowel (41 cm/16 inches long, 2 cm/0.75 inches in diameter)
  • Approximately 100 m/324 ft. of natural 5.5 mm 3-ply rope (notes included for substituting yarn)
  • 6 wooden beads (30 mm/1 inch round)
  • About 45 cm/18 inches of natural 3 mm string (or other thin string) to be used to hang your project
image description: a macrame wallhanging, made of cream-coloured rope and wooden beads
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