Canadian Resources Cowl Knitting Pattern

4 December 2020
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When people think of Canadian resources, it is often our natural resources that first come to mind. However with over 70% of our GDP coming from the service sector, it can be argued that our country’s competitive advantage comes from the people of Canada.

People flourish when we feel secure about our health, finances and societal structure. Creativity blossoms with diversity of thinking, experiences and backgrounds when combined with freedom of expression. Skills develop with great education and leadership. Canada invests in its people.

Cowl on Model in Sunlight

This investment has driven the Canadian crafting industry, which is rich with creativity and skill. This Canadian motif cowl is created by a Canadian designer, knit in yarn from a Canadian dyer, and edited by a Canadian. The three of us come from different countries, have different skin tones, but were all educated in Canada and strongly value the life we have established here.

The Canadian Resources Cowl is knit from two colours of fingering weight yarn and uses a reversible slipped stitch technique. Increases and decreases in the fabric create the tree motif and beautifully shaped edges. No cabling is needed.

Copyright © Mary Martin except as indicated.

About Mary Martin

Mary has recently been obsessed with reversible fabrics. She finds herself sneaking a peak at the wrong side of fabrics everywhere she goes. She has found various ways to make knitted fabrics reversible with the use of slipped-stiches and believes that there is much more to explore with this technique.

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