Author: Michelle Woodvine

This Is Your Brain on Fibre

Researchers are developing ways to measure and confirm what we crafters have known all along: Making things with fibres and textiles can help us manage stress, fend off depression, delay age-related cognitive decline, learn, grow, fail, and even build communities. This World Mental Health Day, explore what scientists are learning about how our creative pursuits help to keep us healthy.

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Threaded Through Time: The Ancient Art of Nålbinding

Nålbinding (pronounced noll-bin-ding) is a single-needle technique that uses lengths of fibre and a broad, flat needle to create a stretchy, ribbed fabric composed of interlocking loops. It pre-dates both knitting and crochet and—despite superficial similarities—has no evolutionary relationship to either. Writer Michelle Woodvine spent months seeking a Canadian connection to the ancient craft, and found it in Newfoundland, at the only authenticated Viking Age Norse settlement in North America.

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Woolly Tales: The Needle-Felted Art and Magic of Holman Wang

Holman Wang’s unique needle-felted children’s book illustrations have been featured in more than fifteen picture books. His award-winning work combines wry wit, incredible detail, and a gentle atmosphere to create an all-ages appeal. He spoke with writer Michelle Woodvine about his work, and he shared illuminating behind-the-scenes photos of how he captured some of his iconic scenes.

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Stitching Together: How Indie Craft Shops Have Adapted in the COVID-19 Pandemic

When COVID-19 restrictions went into effect in March, 2020, craft shops were hit hard. Owners scrambled to get products and classes online, working unimaginably long days, pivoting on the head of a pin to serve their customers, all while under pressure from shifting restrictions, growing demand, and the looming threat of supply-chain interruptions. As we approach the anniversary of the start of our collective pandemic experience, we caught up with shop owners from across Canada.

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Me, Dan Levy, and the Mighty Bead

“I knew enough about Canada’s history to know that the story is almost always told from the perspective of what we in the writing world refer to as an unreliable narrator—a very white, very colonial narrator.” When Dan Levy invited his Instagram followers to take the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada course, our writer eagerly signed up.

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