Author: Michelle Boyd

Plies and Whys: Cabled Yarns

[For Studio Members] Cabled yarns are constructed from multiple plied strands, and can add strength and lustre to items made with them. In this third and final installment of her series on yarn structure and how it affects the fabrics we make, master spinner Michelle Boyd illuminates the role cabled yarns can play in knitting, crochet and weaving projects.

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Plies and Whys: Plied Yarns

[For Studio Members] Learn how plied yarns are constructed, how their structure affects how they behave and wear, and what they bring to various types of fabrics—woven, crocheted and knitted. The newest lesson from master spinner Michelle Boyd is a detailed and photo-illustrated exploration of plied yarns.

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SAORI: Weaving for Everyone

[For Armchair & Studio Members] The SAORI style of weaving is one that emphasizes self-expression and embraces mistakes. The Japanese approach is accessible to folks with diverse physical and cognitive abilities, and no formal weaving experience is required to get started. Here, Michelle Boyd explores the technique, including Canadian SAORI weaving studios.

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Park and Draft: A Gentle Introduction to Spinning Yarn With a Spindle

Spindle spinning is a great way to start spinning, but like most crafts, there’s a bit of a learning curve when you begin. “Park and draft” spinning is a gentle first step that can help ease that curve. This method is also great for spinners who have physical barriers to using spindles, for those wanting to reduce the risk of injury, and for spinners who want to spin for long periods of time. Renowned instructor Michelle Boyd provides a photo tutorial on how to do it.

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