Author: Kate Atherley

Security Blanket: A Conversation with Textile Artist Jennifer Smith-Windsor

“Being a textile artist places one in a curious place within the art world,” says Jennifer Smith-Windsor. “It is a very niche area and often hard to define. Am I an artist? A craftsperson? A craft-artist? An artistic craftsperson? It’s not always easy explaining what my work is about.” Read more of her interview about her work and her current exhibition, Security Blanket, at Craft Ontario.

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On Yarn Selection and Substitution

Just because a designer chose certain materials for a project, based on a variety of considerations, doesn’t mean that crafters need to use the same. When choosing supplies for a project, a crafter should take those same factors into consideration: personal values, ethical and environment concerns, access, cost, fibre content, brand, colours.

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How To Substitute Yarns in Knitting & Crochet

Substituting yarn involves more than simply finding a yarn of a similar weight. In this article, I cover many of the things you should consider, and why. I also provide some advice to designers and publishers to help them ensure that crafters can easily use yarns they love to make their patterns.

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