Author: Holli Yeoh

How to Mend Socks, Part Three: Scottish Darning

Scottish darning involves rows or rounds of blanket stitch that build upon one another to create a stretchy fabric. When mending a circular shape, it’s worked from the outside in, efficiently closing a hole. Learn how to do it in this third and final installment of Holli Yeoh’s sock-mending series.

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How to Mend Socks, Part Two: Stocking Darning

Socks (store-bought or handmade) that have holes or frayed areas can be mended using the stocking darning technique. It’s a weaving technique in which you first create the warp (the vertical strands) and then weave over and under the warp threads to create the weft (the horizontal strands). This kind of mend is not at all stretchy, but it sure looks lovely. Enjoy this second tutorial in Holli Yeoh’s three-part series on how to mend socks!

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How to Mend Socks, Part One: Swiss Darning

Swiss darning, also called duplicate stitch, is an embroidery-like technique where you trace the path of a row of knitting with a new strand of yarn, covering the existing stitches. In this first part of a three-part series on mending socks (handknit or commercially made), Holli Yeoh shows us how to do it.

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